Business Plans for Forest Businesses 2019
May 29, 2019 8:00 – 3:00 p.m. North Country Career Center – Room 380 • 209 Veterans Ave • Newport

Cost: $60 Lunch is provided (8 LEAP credits and 5.5 CFE credits)

Instructor: Steve Bick, Northeast Forests, LLC; Wendy Farrand, Forest Machine Magazine writer; Chris Lindgren, UVM Ext. Forest Business Educator

**Please note that the locations for this workshop were incorrectly listed in the paper mailing sent to LEAP/SFI loggers**

Learn how planning can boost profitability. This workshop offers a mix of presentations and hands on planning using templates and strategy tools. Featuring Small Business Planning for Loggers--a manual and planning template developed by Bick and Lindgren--this workshop is built for loggers and foresters. Learn how to; plan for growth opportunities or business transitions, use business plans to secure financing and grants, develop new markets, start or expand an enterprise, hire and keep good employees. From sharpening your mission statement to projecting your financial statements, this workshop will help you plan your next move.